Keeping yourself safe at home? How about your finances?

The ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic or Covid-19 has delivered a rude shock to the world. Words like "Unprecedented", "Historic", and "Epic" come to mind when we realize how a virus has crippled the world. Perhaps this is the one-off instance that nobody was prepared to deal with. Health services in developed nations as well as third-world … Continue reading Keeping yourself safe at home? How about your finances?

Change = constant

Human societies are resistant to change, it seems. Bankers' unions in India often protest against any kind of change, whether its for the good or bad. I remember the furore in nationalised banks when computers were introduced in the late 90s to maintain accounts. Tellers would spend enormous amounts of time punching the codes on … Continue reading Change = constant

Jingoism in the Shark Tank

A recent analysis of global emerging markets seems to suggest that India is the least attractive amongst its peers. Mexico was adjudged as being the most attractive since its currency had crashed after Donald Trump's presidency win. Credit rating agencies analyse macro-economic data collected over several years and compare the data against their projections for the next … Continue reading Jingoism in the Shark Tank